Collection: TRIP TO THE STARS #3


In Trip to the stars we see how a figure enters through a doorway, sliding down a corridor at the end of which he encounters a precipice and a fall into the void.

However, a void proliferated by stardust and cosmic structures among which the figure will find himself levitating and suspended in the astral sky due to the absence of the gravitational force, as he lets himself fall and surpasses the limits of the corridor.

He will see his surroundings with a different perspective and will enjoy existence itself, coming to a less limited understanding of it, understanding that we are a thousandth part of a gigantic sea of places and celestial bodies different or perhaps the same as the one we inhabit.

What is the limit? Is there really a limit?

If it exists, we will never know that it resides in it, and if it does not exist, we will never know that it resides in it either. Once we understand this truth, if it is truly so, perhaps we will take a broader view of everything, perhaps we will open our minds more and see all that lies before us with more perspective, it is a way of seeing that the same energy that originated and gave rise to existence is the same energy that binds together all that we know and do not know.

All these words are nothing more than assumptions, but who knows about the truth? Even the supposed truths do not affirm the real truth.