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Blondy Black



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In the last few years, and especially in the last few months, I have learned a lot, about myself and also about others. About people in general. I have tried to understand my own situation, to improve and develop myself. In the process, I have also learned to understand the people around me. To see them. To really see them. Among many other smart wisdoms and insights, I learned one thing above all: "Never judge a book by it's cover"

Everyone knows it when people are judged or evaluated, perhaps also subconsciously, according to their first impression. Or maybe also after the second or third. Today I understand how people present themselves to the outside world, does not show how they really are. Most people carry a very heavy pack with them, in which they have stowed away the ballast from the past, the problems of the present and the fear of the future. And this baggage naturally influences how a person presents and behaves. Whether he responds to your smile with a smile or with ignorance . Whether he greets you or walks past you in silence. Whether your supposedly great love is just a memory from one day to the next. All this is influenced by feelings, experiences and thoughts that a person carries around with him or her day after day. Maybe the conceited bitch is just insecure and unhappy after all. Maybe the ever-glowing shop assistant is secretly depressed. Maybe your boss is just unfriendly because he lost his wife.

What you see at first glance is not always the truth. Even second and third impressions can only show a version of the person that does not reflect the true essence. It is always worth taking a closer look, asking again, or giving another smile until it is eventually returned.

What I want to say is: a person has an infinite number of faces. Take time to see a few of them. To understand the laughter. To understand the origin of the tears. To question the outburst of anger. Not to take the break-up personally and to take the kiss with a grain of salt. To SEE a person. All their faces. All facets. All sides. Good and bad. And everything in between.


Material: 100% cotton (organic quality, ring-spun, combed)
Grammage: 200 g/m²
Cut: Relaxed fit
Set-in sleeves
single jersey

Shipping & Returns

5-60 days

Care Instructions

Better wash it by hand or in the washing mashine at 30 degrees

About the style


Summer Edition:

  • Made in Portugal
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • 470GSM
  • airy
  • robust

Winter Edition:

  • made in turkey
  • 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester
  • 320GSM
  • Extra puffy due to long inner fibers
  • soft/cozy

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