Collection: SHINING THROUGH #2

As the clouds began to scatter away, they let the sun shine through and the sea beneath started to dance in its grace.
Some recluse poet was sitting on a rock staring at the ocean in awe, thinking of all the pages she could fill with her thoughts.
Months had passed by, but she had still not written anything yet.
The magnificent scenery suddenly made her remember and realize something.

She got up and went to the little chapel up the hill to ring the bells.
Light entered her mind that day, and she wrote and wrote and wrote.
Pano Schneck-Germanakos, born and raised in Greece, spent eighteen years living on the southern part of the Peloponnese peninsula in the region of Mani. His passion for the wild ocean and nature is being reflected within many works of his and continuously stays as a source of inspiration for Pano. He currently resides in Hamburg/Germany, where he practices his creative endeavors and exhibits his work.