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Blondy Black



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"Creativity, cocktails and culture came together to Mallorca to create a wearable artwork with a juicy taste of art and inspiration."


Every week I do my walk through Palma to check the shops.

One day I met Ivano and JoanLuca the owners of @SpritzStop. We had a small talk and I played some Billiard with my friends. What surprised me was the interior design and the beautiful art that hang at the wall made by @linaredford. 

I talked with them about our brand story/message, our goals and we thought of doing a collaboration all together.

Here is the result of an art piece made by Lina Redford and Blondyblack in collab with Spritz Stop. 

LINA REDFORD (the artist) 

"The driving force behind my art is to carve out a personality on the canvas, infuse life into her character, and seize a fleeting moment of existence, transforming the spark of joy into a blazing masterpiece.

I'm Lina Redford, a burgeoning artist currently calling Spain home. My artistic journey kicked off just a few years ago, and already, my work has graced the pages of one of Germany's biggest magazines, The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

As a creative nomad, I've spent the last 8 years soaking in the vibes of 5 different countries, absorbing diverse cultures, encountering impactful individuals, and soaking up inspiring landscapes—all of which later find their way into the narratives of my artworks.

During the pursuit of my Master's Degree, I sought guidance and inspiration within the studio of the Czech-based artist Lana Frey, where I dedicated two years to honing my craft.

Always on the lookout for fresh opportunities and collaborations, one noteworthy partnership is with the esteemed Belgian photographer, Eric Ceccarini. Our collaborative efforts have graced major art exhibitions and fairs, including the prestigious Art Basel in Miami.

My artistic style leans towards expressive figurativism, predominantly employing palette knives and thick layers of paint to truly 'sculpt happiness.'"

Instagram @linaredford

Shipping & Returns

5-60 days

Care Instructions

Better wash it by hand or in the washing mashine at 30 degrees

About the style


Summer Edition:

  • Made in Portugal
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • 470GSM
  • airy
  • robust

Winter Edition:

  • made in turkey
  • 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester
  • 320GSM
  • Extra puffy due to long inner fibers
  • soft/cozy

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