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Blondy Black



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In the bustling city of Hamburg, Germany, where the Elbe River meets the North
Sea, there exists a vibrant community of surfers and skaters who have found a
unique way to blend their love for both sports. This community, known simply as the
Surfskate Hamburg Community, has become a group of 400 people bound together
by their passion for carving up the streets and catching waves since 2018.

When Lean Ripke (Founder of BlondyBlack) entered the surfskate community in
2021, he impressed so many people with his skills and quickly became known
throughout the community with one of his first backprints: "It is always about the
vibe". This had a good influence on the community, as we shared many group
events, supported each other and brought many people together, caused by his
unique fashion business concept and his passion for surfskating.

As BlondyBlack is a brand with personality, a brand that differentiates people, but at
the same time unites them, Surfskate Hamburg Community has the same impact by
a simple motto: Shut Up and Skate. This mantra isn't just about hitting the pavement
or catching waves; it's a way of life, a declaration of attitude and passion that binds
together the Surfskate Hamburg Community and Blondy Black by sharing good vibes
and crewlove, regardless of age, origin, skin color, gender, politics or religion.

The collection featured bold graphics, intricate patterns, and vibrant colors, reflecting
the dynamic energy of the Surfskate Hamburg Community and BlondyBlack Good
Vibes. From t-shirts and hoodies, each piece was carefully crafted to embody the
spirit of adventure and camaraderie that defined the community.
For Surfskate Hamburg Community, the Blondy Black Collection is more than just a
line of clothing—it is a common sign to the power of connection, collaboration, and
chasing your dreams.



  • Made in Portugal
  • Heavyweight Jersey
  • Dropped Shoulders
  • 100% Organic Cotton /  235GSM /  12oz / 0,34Kg

Shipping & Returns

5-60 days

Care Instructions

Better wash it by hand or in the washing mashine at 30 degrees

About the style


Summer Edition:

  • Made in Portugal
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • 470GSM
  • airy
  • robust

Winter Edition:

  • made in turkey
  • 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester
  • 320GSM
  • Extra puffy due to long inner fibers
  • soft/cozy

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