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Blondy Black



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We all may agree on the fact that we objectify women every day. We hypersexualise a human's body. Why? Because a woman’s body is one of the most aesthetic forms. It has been one for over the decades, even going back to our ancient times. 

Do you remember when Billie Eilish released her album happier than ever and suddenly decided to show her curves? The whole world started talking. Or, how some people still shame Emrata for not being feminist. Because she capitalised her body and achieved worldwide fame overnight, by dancing in a music video half naked. 

Women show their curves and skin and suddenly you take away their right to call themselves powerful and feminist. Because feminism is about hiding the unique beauty of every woman and not about the right to make the decision what to wear and how much to show by yourself.

So why not support and embrace someone on showing their body how they want to, whilst making them feel safe as they are doing it. 

We should not have to cover up curves, because they might be provoking. 

I created this shirt so that everyone would wear curves with pride. Curves are aesthetic forms and everybody, men and women, are just urban objects





Laura Bittner, born and raised in Germany. After her high school graduation, she spent 2 years living in California and has travelled to over 20 countries. She is an artist, model, horse back rider and singer. Laura has just released her first song. You can find all her music under Laura Leroy. 

She has always been into art and loved to draw horses. Entering into adulthood and stepping into her woman’s body, she began drawing abstract paintings and drawings of feminine figures. Her art is inspired by organic forms and urban architecture. The human and its uniqueness continuously stays as a source of inspiration for Laura. She takes inspiration from Greek statues, the illustrations and celebrations of the body in the antique times. She is always travelling and practices her creative endeavours. Exhibiting her work, she is always inspired by the culture, nature and beauty of the regions she visits everywhere.


About the shirt: 

GSM: 200 

Laura - 167 cm - XL
Ali - 179 cm - XL

Shipping & Returns

5-60 days

Care Instructions

Better wash it by hand or in the washing mashine at 30 degrees

About the style


Summer Edition:

  • Made in Portugal
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • 470GSM
  • airy
  • robust

Winter Edition:

  • made in turkey
  • 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester
  • 320GSM
  • Extra puffy due to long inner fibers
  • soft/cozy

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